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Five Sites to Watch in 2010 – Pt. 4 – Apple


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Apple – As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Apple is a curious case study for social media implementation. Arguably, the company doesn’t really need it—who doesn’t already know about the brand, about Apple’s new products, or about its sales initiatives? All you have to do is open the newspaper. And sure enough, though there is plenty of opportunity to share information in the iTunes store, for instance, when it comes to the Web site and product lineup, the social initiatives run dry. Is there an official Apple Twitter account? It’s unclear.

At any rate, one area Apple seems increasingly interested in developing further is enterprise/B2B engagement. iPhones and iPads certainly opened the door to this, though they’re still largely considered a consumer device. Will the iPad be any different in adoption? If Apple thinks there’s a market for it among the business community, we can expect to see areas of Apple.com built out to speak to that market. It’s certainly something to keep an eye on. Who has and IPad out there? What do you think? Are you still getting crabby about the Apple/Flash support issue?

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